How To Make Money Online: step by step guide

If you have been looking for how to make money online in Nigeria

an online business in Nigeria

what can I do to make money in Nigeria

how to make money online without investment
or the latest online money-making opportunities.
Then read this post is for you. today I want to share with you 19 legit ways to make money online in Nigeria, all you need to have is a smartphone/a laptop and an internet connection(data)

advantages of earning money online

  •     you get paid in high currencies
  •     you work at your own time
  •     you are your own boss
  •      little or No Investment Needed.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria: step by step guide


Facebook and WhatsApp

I know you might be thinking how to make money online in Nigeria from your Facebook page and groups, don't worry in this post I will tell you how many smart Nigerian make money online from their Facebook group WhatsApp and other social networks.i have many friends who make more than 50k a month from their Facebook and WhatsApp groups. if you own a Facebook group with up to 20k members let me tell you how to make cool money from it but if you don't just keep building your group for new members

how to earn money online with Facebook or WhatsApp

make money with jumia affiliate program


Jumia affiliate

As you know Jumia is the largest eCommerce store in Africa. thousand of people shop on Jumia every day, the good thing is that Jumia has allowed you to tap into this flow of wealth .jumia pay their affiliate up to 10%   commission for their sale. for example, if someone buys a product on Jumia wort 20k from your link you get 2k, and if ten people do you get 20 k. see its what your time all you have to do is to write a good product review and add your affiliate link to the product in your post and then post it to your group.

sponsored post

This is another good way to make money from your social group if you have succeeded to build a very popular group many top companies will want to pay you a good amount of money just to post their product on your page

selling groups you can also sell your group for a good amount of money.

write and sell an eBook

make money writing an ebook


Yes, this is another way to make money online in Nigeria, as you may know about 70% of Nigeria students use a smartphone and are willing to read books online you can utilize this opportunity for your own benefit. you can write eBooks and sell them online. By simply selling a piece of very simple information online you can make good incomes from it.

how to make money online from your eBook

First ask yourself what you can write about, what you know you can teach others then find a place to host/write your eBook. there are many places you can start creating your eBooks, place like Amazon Kindle which is free and much more, then write a very interesting and high-quality eBook of about 4000+ words and then promote and sell your eBook

start a blog

how to start a blog and make money online


Just as you may know blogging is now a very good source of income online, many bloggers in Nigeria make thousands of dollars every month from their blog, some top bloggers like, are making over $2500 every month from their blogs. gone are the days when people say that blogging is not good business, many Nigerian now pay their fee with money they make from their blog.

how to earn money online with a blog

Do you know you can make money with a blog without spending a dime in this post I will show you how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime in blogging

pick a good niche I will suggest you take one of this weight loss, education(jamb, post-UTME, admission list), entertainment, lifestyle or celeb gist.

set up your blog on, choose a good name, remember to choose a name related to your niche(i.e try to add your niche in your blog URL) now pick a good theme.

start writing: now the work has begun you are to write good fresh, high-quality posts in your blog, so you should start with at least 30 posts of 450+ words and 2 posts of 2000+ words please follow these steps if you want to create a profitable blog. also, do some keyword research and know the best keywords to use in your post

important page: now it is time to add some important pages to your blog, add a contact page, about, privacy policy and a term and conditions page, you can generate a free privacy policy at
add meta tags to your blog: it is good to add good meta description to your blog .see how to add meta tags to bloggers

verify your site with webmasters: connect your site to Google, and Bing webmasters and verify your site.

promote your blog: no one can see your work if you don't share it so promote your blog by sharing it with your friends on social media.

monetization: now it's time to start making money from your blog, click on the earning tab, and apply for Google AdSense to start making good money to your site.

note: do not apply for AdSense unless you have done the above steps.
See how to get an approved AdSense account fast in 2017

write on HubPages

make money with hubpages publish and earn

Hubpages is a writes community and also a community where people share their knowledge with others and can make money from what you write or answer. Over 40,000,000 million people explore hub pages in a month. I think it is a good place to start writing articles and earn money from it online, there are also many good ways to monetize your articles in Hubpages you can choose to use google ad-sense, Amazon associate or the HubPages monetization program

how to make money online with Hubpages

  1.     sign up to HubPages
  2.     complete your profile
  3.     upload a good profile photo
  4.     write a good bio
  5.     write good fresh high-quality content(do not copy), add images to explain your work, now do it again until you have at least 10 high-quality posts
  6.     set up your tax information
  7.     connect your account to google analytics
  8.     then click on earnings and sign up for Google Adsense

create videos and upload to YouTube

how to make money online in nigeria with youtube videos


YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world and also the second most visited is a good thing that YouTube has all so allowed millions of individuals  to tap from this wealth, by creating a free YouTube channel and monetizing your videos

sell your used stuff on Jiji

sell your stuffs on jiji and make money
Do you know you can money in Nigeria by selling stuffs on Jiji, Jiji is a free ad placement site where you can get connected to buyers/sellers, can also make a lot of money by selling products on Jiji because Jiji helps you display your product to thousands of potential buyers nears you for free.

Sell your service on Fiverr

Do you know you can make money online by sell what you know how to do no Fiverr? there are many services you can sell on Fiverr like writing for people, programming, build a blog, arts, and much more. and the least price for the lowest service is $ you see it is good to start doing what you know best and start making extra money with can also make money on Fiverr by drive traffic to their site.

how to make money online fast

Now lets me show you how to make money online free in 2018, there are many legit ways to make money online, but I will share with you how to make money online from home

Get paid to click on

Get paid to test websites: you can get paid up to $10 to $20 just to test a website on user testing

Earn money playing online games with Cash Dazzle
Get paid to answer questions on just answer
Make money Helping students with their homework Chegg
Get paid to tweet on a Paid tweet
Get paid to Take online surveys via SurveySavvy
Earn money Watching videos via Inbox Dollars
Get paid to read emails with Swagbucks


There are many ways to make money online which I could not cover all in these posts but the above mentioned are the best ways to make money online in Nigeria fast. I will recommend you try all pick only or there that will work for because if you rush into all you may end up not being able to earn good cash online.

So tell me which one do you want to go into

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